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Opinion: National Security is a Government’s First Priority

Jason Johnson considers why defence is such an important consideration in the General Election. Submit your opinion article here.  The first and primary role of any government of any colour is defence and national security. To keep your population and its national borders secure and safe. So can the Labour party, in its…

The Conservative Manifesto: Forward, Together

The Conservative Party Manifesto calls the next five years ‘the most challenging that Britain has faced’ in the last 60 years. The Manifesto is divided into five ‘giant challenges’: Economy, A Strong Britain in a New World, Meritocracy at Home, A Restored Contact Between The Generations, and Digital Security. The…

Opinion: Labour and Debt

Jason Johnson asks the question: why are some politicians so persuaded by debt? Submit your opinion article here.  Yesterday we saw the Labour manifesto and an insight for the first time for many, into the ideology that makes Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet tick. In his opening statement Corbyn talked…

The Green Party Manifesto: Confident and Caring Britain

The Green Party manifesto concentrates, unsurprisingly, on the environment. The party enters the election with one MP (for Brighton Pavilion) and are seeking to double their representation in Westminster with a second seat in the next Parliament. Click on the image below to read the full Green Party Manifesto, or scroll down…

The Liberal Democrat Manifesto: Change Britain’s Future

The Liberal Democrat Manifesto openly states that the party is not seeking to form a government following this election. Instead the party’s manifesto sets out a platform of policies that the party will campaign for from the opposition benches. The party intends to borrow slightly less than Labour, with their…

The Labour Party Manifesto: For The Many Not The Few

Jeremy Corbyn launched the Labour Party manifesto on Tuesday May 16th. The manifesto takes Labour further to the political Left than recent Labour manifestos. Unusually for party manifestos, the Labour Party has ‘fully costed’ each of its pledges to tackle concerns about the party’s credibility in Government. Click on the…

Top 5 Nationwide Political Parties

  • Conservative
  • Labour
  • Liberal Democrats
  • UKIP
  • Green Party