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On June 8th 2017, the electorate of the United Kingdom will head to the polling stations to elect the next Parliament.

The election was announced in a surprise move by incumbent Prime Minister, Theresa May, who leads the Conservative Party. Mrs May made the announcement on Tuesday April 18th 2017, giving the press just one hour notice that she would be making a speech outside Downing Street.

The election is the first ‘snap election’ since Harold Wilson (Labour) called one in 1974, in a bid to return his party to majority government.

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election appears to come not from a position of weakness, but of strength. In the week leading up to her decision to dissolve parliament and call an election, Mrs May’s Conservative Party were 21 percentage points ahead in the polls.

The Conservative party was governing with a majority of 17 MPs, this election is predicted to return the Conservatives to government with a new majority of around 150 MPs (based on polls from April 2017).

The major political parties have all published their election manifestos. You can download the full documents or read our summaries here.

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