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2017 General Election Results

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2017 General Election Results

On June 8th 2017, the electorate of the United Kingdom voted to elect a new Parliament. The winning party from the election subsequently seeks consent from the Queen to form a Government. This page outlines the results from the 2017 UK General Election.

A Summary of UK General Election Results 2017

The 2017 UK General Election returned a Hung Parliament, meaning that no party has an overall majority. This is the third case of a Hung Parliament since WWII and the second in the last decade (Feb 1974, 2010, 2017).

The resulting Government is a Conservative Minority Government with support from the DUP.

  • Conservatives – 318
  • Labour – 261
  • Scottish National Party – 35
  • Liberal Democrats – 12

Turnout = 68.7 percent

Electorate = 46,843,896

Table of UK General Election Results 2017

The table below shows the vote share and seats won by each party in the 2017 UK General Election, as well as each party’s results from the previous General Election in 2015 for comparison.

Exit Poll for UK General Election 2017

The Exit Poll is a poll of around 30,000 voters who are asked how they voted as they leave the polling station. The exit poll predicts a hung parliament, which means no party has an overall majority (as in 2010).

Total Aggregate Poll for UK General Election 2017

The final aggregate poll for the 2017 UK General Election is below. This aggregate poll is the mean average of all national polls conducted in the 50 days between Parliament voting for a General Election and the day before the General Election vote.

We include the aggregate poll here to allow you to compare the pollsters’ predictions with the actual results as they happened.

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